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Humanitarian action Papua Candles For Wasior and Bloody Wamena

Humanitarian action Papua Candles For Wasior and Bloody Wamena

One of the prominent leaders in Papua, Pastor. Benny Giay also took action Papua link some time ago at the roundabout, Jakarta (Photo:

PAPUAN, Jakarta – On July 14, 2013, National Papua Solidarity (BREATH) in Jakarta will take action Humanity Candles Papua (Papua-link) for Wasior andWamena bloody, precisely at the Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta, at around 20:00 pm.
Besides in Jakarta, cities outside Jakarta will also perform the same action, including in Papua and West Papua, and including overseas.
Elly Petege of BREATHING said Ramos, Papua link acts done to campaign for the resolution of cases of human rights violations in Papua, specifically Wasior and Wamena cases of dengue which occurred 9 years ago.
Here’s a brief interview with Elly Ramos Petege of initiating BREATH convening the event:
What is Link Papua?
Candles Humanity (LINK) Papua is the solidarity the people who love and care Papua humanity simultaneously in various places, national and international, to campaign for the resolution of cases of human rights violations in Papua.
Link Papua performed because the state continues to ignore the human rights violations in Papua.
Focus Papua link action this time?
Link Papua campaign this time will concentrate on the settlement of human rights violations that Wasior-Wamena by the Commission on Human Rights(Komnas HAM) has been expressed as gross human rights violations and the file was submitted to the Attorney General for further action, but the stalling / not clear in the middle of the road.
When and Where?
Action will be carried out simultaneously on 14 July 2013. This date was chosen because on the same date and month, 9 years ago (2004), National Human Rights Commission has been completed and handed over Wasior-Wamena case file to the Attorney General. In Jakarta, Papua link will be held at the Hotel Indonesia roundabout begins at 20:00 pm.
In Other Cities?
Outside Jakarta, will be held also in Salatiga, Jombang, Semarang, Surabaya, Bandung, Bogor, Bali, and for Papua and West Papua will be centered in Jayapura and Sorong, while abroad will be held in Manila, Austalia and USA.
There is also an online media campaign through like our site, Sorgemagazine and Breath Blog is always updated.
Why Wasior and Wamena?
File human rights violations Wasior-Wamena is result of ad hoc investigation team to probe pro justicia National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) for events Wasior 2001 and 2003 occurred in Wamena Papua Province.
The team, based Komnas HAM investigation, has found early indications of gross human rights violations in both cases.
But Attorney General returned them for reasons not yet complete and fulfill some formal and substantive requirements.
On December 29, 2004, the file is restored again by the Commission, regardless of the reason for the AGO. According to Komnas HAM, the National Human Rights Commission authority to investigate it in accordance with Law No. 26 Year 2000 on Human Rights Court.
Because the Commission remains at its founding, and the Attorney General also remains at its founding, the end to this day Wasior-Wamena case file as entry box and forgotten. Stagnates obscure fate. This incident has given impunity to the perpetrators and justice for the victims away.
What would campaigned?
Penuntaskan cases of human rights violations Wasior-Wamena by relying on the principle of justice for the victims. Condemning Human Rights Commission and Attorney General of work in human rights cases handles Wasior-Wamena, because of the standing of this case will further strengthen impunity and increase the net social burden victim.
Handling of crimes against humanity in Papua should be followed up by forming a real and serious human rights court, as a first step to build constructive communication with Papua as stated by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.
Forms of support you expect?
Disseminate call support at all my friends who care about humanity.
Organizes links to Wasior-Wamena Papua in various places, documenting and disseminating the documentation for the expansion of support and political pressure. Present in Papua link in their respective places, carrying candles demands solidarity and resolution of cases of human rights violations in Papua.
Recommends that the parties can assist in the success of the event organizers.
For those who do not / can not be present in the field, can be expressed support and solidarity through various social networks, through photographs and claim forms other statement.
The message? 
BREATH deems it necessary to remind the seriousness and responsibility of the state to uphold human rights in the country. When human rights in Papua are not progressing, then conflict and violence will keep recurring. Handling serious crimes against humanity in Papua can pave the way to start a peaceful dialogue to end the conflict.
by Oktovianus POGAU

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