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MILITARY personnel kidnapped Indonesian Student Association in Yahukimo

MILITARY personnel kidnapped Indonesian Student Association in Yahukimo

Indonesia State Mission To kill Papuans continue to be made in the district and other blood Yahukimo in Papua.
Previously this kidnapping incident happened, police officers from the Police Resort Yahukimo had shot one of the students (high school) Carles Suhun 18, in time and beating Blue Dekai terhadapan Nenepsa Sobolim, so this time whetting Nobeth Magayang. Nobeth Magayang abducted by masked men. Who are they and how the kidnapping? Here’s his report.
On June 11, 2103, at 22:15 (West Papua Time) Nobeth Magayang (Abducted) coming home from his family home in Complex Kwelandua. Upon arrival at one of the stalls near the fork in the road Braza, 200 km from Koramil Dekai, my plan was to buy a candle in the stall, because there are no lights in the house, I want to buy there but I was afraid of a sudden, while my friend the same – the same that he was away down the street near Koramil Dekai.
From the direction of the mountain yellow truck without DS, arrived – suddenly stopped near me. Two men got out of the truck, a holding my left hand and the other holding my right hand and then they threw me into the truck like the fit or you go up the rice in the truck.
Up on top of the truck I asked them why did you catch me? One of them replied, “Well we want to eat – eat. Said one of them. I’ve got plenty of food at home so I do not want to, but they forcibly took me to the mountain road up in the three materials.
Of the three materials they bring me back to a place where they caught me early. From there they brought me round to Dekai Airport, from airport halapok Dekai headed down the road, off the road halapok kilos to 6, from 6 to logpon kilo, they brought me continue till at Logpon, at logon we stayed 3 minutes in the truck Another escort me so tight and one of them down to check the schedule ship at sea KP3 checkpoint logpon.
There are no scheduled boat, they brought me back to the city, until at 7 pounds before I jump residence Regents of the truck in high kecepat. They arrested me and took me around the city Dekai, I was conscious till at 7 pounds they are escorting me is all sleepy, during which I use to save themselves.
I jump out of the truck so no one would know, I’ve got to land, they saw I was not in the truck. They have a truck at high speed, they stopped 300 m from the place I jump.
I get into the pool, I soak a few minutes. After that I went into the woods. At that time I was going out into the street, it turns out I was in the woods, I see the clock is at 02.00 (night) I slept there.
At 09.00 I was climbing a tree and then telphon my family at home for help shuttle. The pelakupun come into play in a satellite network, up to 4 hours of me with the help of God, come up to the intersection blue times the settlement. The perpetrators continue to monitor me but, with God’s help, Mr. chairman area came with the car and take me home. He explained.
I was arrested by the Joint Detachment 88, Kopassus, Homeland Militia and municipal police. I can not be sure they are the Javanese, the beach or the mountains of Papua, because they were all wearing masks covered from head to toe, eye stay visible.
Of how they work, how they race from their clothing that I make sure that they are all combined. They caught me purely because of the struggle Papua Merdeka. There is no problem that I have made here. We interviewed the victim clearly KNPB media Yahukimo region on June 13, 2013 at his residence.
Three witnesses who are relatives of victims who came to report on the events of passage experienced by NM in the Office of the Secretariat of the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB) Yahukimo region, they explain the victim after the victim was arrested remove messages (sms) to all the family that he was arrested by combined Kopassus, Detachment 88, the militia KNRI and Satpol pp and are now in control of the match. Isis sms.
Sms this we pass on to all our people, that night we also use motorcycle chase them. Their way to the mountain, our raw jejar we pass them back to the city. So also to logpon. They returned from logpon, because we suadara NM jump to save themselves so that these human hunters directly to the city and one of the same people – same with the motorcycle escort me straight into the house and the other in the truck lost the trail.
We came in to ask him about our brother, where you taru? At the entrance to the room with shorts but out of the room with office clothes. When asked he said he first told my home office, my second with friends – friends like grilled chicken but not so that we go home. Did he come home from work? home at the office until two nights?
He was one of the civil servants of the Papuan people in Yahukimo Beach. So in this kidnapping PNS also folded. He explained. In place terpisa one witness also explained the same thing.
Victims of identity:
Name: Nobeth Magayang
JK: Male – Male
Age: 21 Years
Occupation: Student
Faculty: Faculty of Teacher, Uncen, Extension Class Yahukimo
Kidnapped At: 22:15 Time Papua
TKP: Mountain Road, Front GKI Church Metanoia Church Dekai
District of origin: Kwelamdua, Kab. Yahukimo
Ethnicity: Kimyal
Nationality: Papua
Wounds: Two strokes behind using the butt of a gun
Identity of the perpetrator:
tribe: Beaches And Java
Nation: Indonesia
Of units: Combined Denssus 88, Kopassus, Homeland militia and Satpol PP in Yahukimo
Number: 7 People
The tools used: 1 Unit truck yellow, Without DS
: 1 unit of motorcycles owned by members of PNS in Yahukimo origin Beach
: 7 pieces of fire arms
Characteristics – characteristics: wear a mask covered from head – legs, eyes staying visible, working 5 take five minutes, it is difficult in the know speed: 300-500 meters per minute
On this occasion we West Papuan People’s appeal to all humanitarian observers in all parts of the world, that it is happening this Yahukimo A similar thing happened in all the land of Papua, This is one example of evidence.
Video Testimony of Victims:
“Towards Genocide West Papua,
Please Save Us ”


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