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Yuwo party in Paniai Paint Each Other Pursue “Police – Gunmen”

Paniai, STEP MAGAZINE – People in villages Dimiya Mee, Yatamo District, Paniai Yuwo held a ceremony on Wednesday (10.07.13). Yuwo is a term in the language of tribes in Papua Mee to mention cutting celebration, and trading pigs are celebrated on a large scale. source of Dimiya reported, when people get ready to cut the pig that has been prepared, approximately 09.00 CET came a group of armed men. The group asked for pigs to people.

“They asked for pigs but not love. Then, bargaining occurs and they spend two shots into the air. Upon the safe return state. Society continue Yuwo party,” the source said.

Approximately 10.30 CET, the source, under the leadership of Chief Police Paniai Paniai, Commissioner, Ronny Abaa arrived on the scene using the Speed ​​Boad armed. Police saw the group, the people who are busy to cut the pigs ran into the tents that had been built residents.

Meanwhile, the armed group that was on the scene to escape. “When the police immediately remove the shots about 7 times. Police chased the group toward Deyatey. Trus, people continue Yuwo party activities,” he said.

Until this news was written, not sure of where the group was armed group.

Known, Yuwao tradition continued in line peadaban Mee tribe in Papua since time immemorial. Yuwo party is an integral part of tribal culture Mee.

First party yuwo performed by a traditional ruler (tonowi) by involving the people around him as well as other tonawi in the surrounding areas.

However, after the entry of modern governance in the region, Yuwo held in turns every year from one village to another village. In fact, in certain villages kampun at all is not there anymore. (GE / MS)


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