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Special Autonomy Fund Continues to Increase, But Poor People In Papua Also Rises

Special Autonomy Fund Continues to Increase, But Poor People In Papua Also Rises
District residents Mulia, Puncak Jaya, Papua, down to the Old City Market.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Increased funding of Special Autonomy (Autonomy) Papua central government allocated in the State Budget (Budget) was not correlated with a decrease in the number and percentage of poor people in Papua. Since 2001, prompting the implementation of special autonomy, the central government as a whole has spent Rp 33.7 trillion for Papua.

However, based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Papua province, the number and percentage of poor people remains the highest in Indonesia. In 2001 ago, the number of poor record 1.14 million people or 54.75 percent, while the number of poor in 2013 amounted to 1.01 million people or 31.13 percent.

Minister for National Development Planning / Head of Bappenas Armida Alisjahbana Salsiah said, “Actually, to Papua, it includes a rapid decline in poverty as well. Cuma is yes because she is from a high position,” said Armida answer ROL this weekend.

Therefore, Papua province in the implementation of the National Development Planning Meeting 2013 award for the fastest poverty reduction. However, in the last two years, the number and percentage of poor people tend to stagnate and never lower than 30 percent.

The details, in March 2011, the number of poor 944.8 thousand people or 31.98 percent, September 2011 (946.4 thousand people, 31.24 percent), March 2012 (966.6 thousand people, 31.11 percent), September 2012 (976.4 thousand people, 30.66 percent) and March 2013 (1.01 million people, 31.13 percent). While autonomy funds continue to increase from Rp 4.51 trillion (2011), Rp 5.476 trillion (2012) and Rp 6.222 trillion (2013).
Papua Governor Luke Enembe as confirmed increased autonomy funds associated with an increase in the number and percentage of poverty, it asked. “The fund is increased how? Little course, not much increased.’s Vast Papua, Papua’s 30 counties,” said Luke.
Armida added basically the addition of special autonomy fund is not directly correlated decrease in the number and percentage of poor population. It is not separated from the lack of transparency in the use of special autonomy funds.
Therefore, Armida welcomed if the Governor wants to drain 80 percent of special autonomy funds directly to districts / cities and 20 percent to the province. “It did not happen this time. Governor Nice pack,” said Armida.

“So, he was in a sense balanced. On the one hand the central government as well as how much concrete again yes its programs and accelerate development in Papua. On the other hand, he introspection also yes. During his homework too much on the side of the provincial government. He was fair, “Armida said.

Reporter: Muhammad Iqbal
Editor: Nidia Zuraya


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