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Only One Jewish Community in Indonesia Recognized Israel and America

Only One Jewish Community in Indonesia Recognized Israel and America

Rabbi Yaakov Baruch and Mrs. Maureen Elias. While in Israel with the Jewish community of Indonesia bring relief to those religious Jews who are less able.

Hebohnya Manado-existing Jewish communities in urban environments II Top Teling receive a response from Mrs. Maureen Elias. to explain himself at length about both the existence of the Jewish family and the Jewish religion than the Jewish religion like Christianity and Islam.

Mrs. Maureen Elias is one of the leaders of the Jewish community in Indonesia. As a Jew himself admits that they are not self-effacing to hold events open to both religious activities and social events.

“Jewish Family both religious Jews and Christians and Muslims know each other because our numbers are not much. We do not assert themselves as the situation in Indonesia is not possible. There’s even a Jewish family who fear that if I visit, “he said via telephone with

When in turn to comment on the group leader Yobbi Ensel Kehillah Judaism, he said he did not know the names and no surname Yobbi Ensel in the list of Jewish families in Indonesia and in Manado.

“We do not know the name of the family, if we knew we would certainly say we knew, a Jewish family in Manado is not much so not possible if we do not know,” he continued.

One Jewish family in the city of Manado is Bollegraf family. This family was quite well known in Manado, especially in the area of ​​Garuda. The late John Bollegraf is one of the heads of Jewish families that have been mixed and well known by people outside of the Jewish as well as by the Jewish community itself.

One son, Oral Bollegraf that the meet by giving the same explanations related to the Jewish community in the city of Manado. According to all the descendants of Jews in the city of Manado holding official genealogies and so recognized may not otherwise know each other.

“We were all there in Manado know each other and most importantly we all have a clear genealogical records so that we can account for our Jewish blood,” he said when met with

Response to community Ensel Yobbi same as what was said by Mrs. Maureen Elias and Rabbi Yaakov Baruch. Ie it does not know the family name, but he admits to know Yobbi Ensel. In his memory Yobbi Ensel only one who wants to know and learn about the Jewish religion and he is a Christian pastor.

“I knew him, he was studying to us about the Jews he wanted to learn and we teach him, but there are some differences of opinion then keep him out of our community. Honestly he’s a resilient so that he could master the Hebrew language, “he explained.

Mrs Maureen Elias explains, there is only one Jewish community recognized by both the Israeli and American governments and the legitimacy it be proved through the activities undertaken with both in Manado and Jakarta.

“The Jewish community is officially it is a political and not a religious community, we never invite people to join us and our religious activities are limited in places that do not break the rules as U.S. embassies and in the synagogue that is in Tondano, “he said

Added to him that if there are people who want to establish a new synagogue then that means he does not know about the true meaning of Judaism and not worry about a new problem because the Jews are not recognized as a religion in Indonesia. (JFM)


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