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Jeremy Bally Papua Conflict Campaign in 7 Countries

Jeremy Bally Papua Conflict Campaign in 7 Countries

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Canada, STEP MAGAZINE – This story of a unique way how people out there to feel about what’s going on and experienced by Papuans for 50 years. Not Saol ethnicity, race, religion but the common thread uniting our sense of Jeremy Bally is one man. Jeremy Bally (25) gives the energy, time and thoughts are unique to the people of Papua with a circumference of 7 countries by bicycle. He gave the long journey called, “Pedailing for Papua”.

Since last year (2012), Bally speaking at churches, festivals, coffee shop, family room in Canada about how over 300 tribes in Papua not only identify himself only as Dani, Lani, Korowai, Mee, Good Moni, Marin, Ayamaru, Biak, and others. But, he said, had also said themselves as one nation and struggled to define their identity as human beings.

As quoted, the main cause of Papuan struggle is what many observers dubbed as a slow-motion genocide that they experience today and certainly a theme that determines the identity struggle of West Papua.

At last year’s trip, Bally has attracted Lush Cosmetics as a major sponsor. Lush fund the trip the next six months to 7 countries, Canada, the Northeastern United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia will end. This was a trip he start from Montreal, the capital of Canada since since (30/06/13) ago.

Indeed unique, Bally bicycle use to travel around the country to-nagara. Behind him he has to attach luggage storage food supplies, flanked by a Canadian flag and the flag of Papua, the Morning Star. Brings with projector, laptop, and ukulele, occasionally stopping to climb trees.

Not only the unique bike. Bally said about the way the current condition of Papua and Papua how people today desire to countries that are also unique.

During the trip, Bally stop anywhere there are churches, festivals, coffee shops, or even a family room. There, he prepared his presentation equipment to tell the story of the people of West Papua with the help of the projector.

Film screenings, poetry, songs with ukulele accompaniment certainly has a universal appeal to all ages and backgrounds. Arnold Ap’s song is one of 5 songs on pedaling for Papua.

In a unique way, Bally able to tell it to everyone he met about how people experience violence Papua country for 50 years and is not known to the world the International banya.

Quoted, Bally said an estimated 100000-500000 West Papuans have been killed since the occupation, although the numbers are difficult to confirm because of strict government control and strangle the media ban. Peacefully fight for independence as West Papua flag or calling for human rights suppressed by Indonesia.

Slow motion genocide is “the world’s most forgotten conflicts” and “genocide” is a term that has been used experts to describe the situation.

Leaked video posted in YouTube torture, murder, and abuse of West Papua by state troopers showed gruesome reality of these terms.

He said that this condition could occur possibly because of West Papua have a large number of natural resources, including some of the world’s largest copper and gold mine.

This condition has not been pushed to levels internasioanal. In this condition, for Bally, increased awareness and political solidarity urges West Papua. Challenges of this campaign and the campaign of international issues in general always makes the issues and the people far away from us feel close to, if not physically, in spirit.

So, with Pedailing for Papua, Bally said, he could really explain to people how he came to dedicate himself to Papua, and gives them a chance to think about how they can find their way into something much.

I take a personal stance as a world citizen. We need international support to dedicate ourselves to this. Indonesia invaded the territory in 1962, and in 1969 ordered the West Papua-mostly at gunpoint-to choose integration with Indonesi,

West Papua is a province which covers the western half of New Guinea, the second largest island in the world, which is located a few hundred kilometers north of Australia.

“I personally struggled with committing itself to this problem all the time. These stories must be told, and this would mean that we could do something together because we are one, human, Bally said quoted.

Jeremy Bally Who? Bally Jeremy was born and raised on the west coast of Canada. He is a cyclist and musician. Bally first heard of West Papua through a friend who cares. More than two years he was involved with this issue.

Then, the vision for pedaling to Papua began to take shape. In 2011, he flew to Indonesia to see first hand what the situation on the ground, West Papua. He conducted interviews with many people over a period of 5 weeks. Then, he came back home and began preparations for the first campaign.

His experience in West Papua he boxed in multimedia presentations, and cycling 7500 miles in Canada. He educates thousands of Canadians about human rights, the environment and the political situation in West Papua.

Known, about the campaign was the condition of Papua West Papua International Diplomacy Coordinator, Benny Wenda recently bebarapa State. In the course of “Freedom Tour” this, accompanied by Benny Wenda International human rights lawyer, Jennifer Robinson and Julian Assange’s legal counsel. (MS)


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