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Case Background Bloody Wamena and Wasior

Case Background Bloody Wamena and Wasior

Government asked to complete the Wasior and Wamena cases of dengue (Photo: Doc BREATH)

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Cases of human rights violations in Wasior originated from conflicts between people who claim compensation for land rights usurped by forest concession holders.

In the action at the end of March 2001 suddenly “unknown armed group” shot dead three employees of PT. DMP.

Post-shooting, Papua Police with the support of the Cenderawasih / XVII TRIKORA conducted “Operation Completed Matoa”.

This operation has led to casualties among civilians.
Based on the Commission report indications of human rights violations have occurred in the form of: 1. Murder (4 cases); 2. Torture (39 cases), including the cause of death (dead in custody); 3. Rape (1 case), and 5. Enforced disappearances (5 cases); 6. Based on the investigation Snakes, forcible displacement occurs, the cause of death and disease, as well as 7. Loss and destruction of property.

Cases of human rights violations in Wamena indication associated with the military response to the case of an unidentified mob broke into the armory 1702/Wamena District Military Command Headquarters on 4 April 2003.

This burglary has menewaskankan two member district and one seriously injured. The attackers allegedly carried off a number of weapons and ammunition pujuk.

In order to hunt for the perpetrators, military-police officers conducting searches, arrests, torture and killing of civilians, thus creating fear society Wamena.

Berberdasarkan Komnas HAM report indications of human rights violations have occurred in the form of: 1. Murder (2 cases); 2. Forcible expulsion of the cause of death and disease (10 cases); 3. Other physical deprivation of liberty an arbitrary manner (13 cases); 4. Removal and destruction of property (58 cases); 5. Torture (20 cases); 6 shooting (2 cases); 9 people become political prisoners (detainees).

For nine years, the Commission file on the case indicated crimes against humanity committed Wasior-Wamena state officials never progressed.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s commitment to building constructive communication for peaceful solutions Papua will not progress, if the recommendations of the National Human Rights Commission human rights crimes were never acted upon. (***)

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