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Arlince Tabuni Shot, Maik Murib Testifies

Lani Jaya, STEP MAGAZINE – Monday, July 1, 2013, Arlince Tabuni (12) was shot in the village Popume, Mukoni District, Lani Jaya regency, at 17.30 local time. Arlince Tabuni born with a twin brother Arlin Tabuni on October 17, 2001. He was the third son of a shepherd Yuni Tabuni, of the Baptist church in Guneri I.

Papuan human rights activist, Matthew Murib, to, Tuesday (09/07/13), such as witness statements, Maik Murib (35) said, “Around 14:00 local time in the city Tiom heard several gunshots by security forces TNI / Police. noisier action to stop people in police Tiom after the completion of the criminal case is not finished. ”

“I was messing around in the places selling the mothers on the roadside. Well there comes a crowded car was going to take about 4 members of the TNI / Kopassus, with bullets complete with stand, as if to shoot,” said Maik Morib.

He said, when it’s the Armed Forces Regi call Mom. “We ran the meet, and then they wonder at this Balingga there are hordes / OPM there is where? Then I said that my signature for expansion TRIKORA District, in the Commander’s me. And, we also keep the red and white flag that you love and Bible book that’s all so far. ”

Morib Maik said, “Then they say ‘better’ then go / down to the bottom”

Dikatakanya, some time later, at 17.30 local time on kampong Popume heard gunfire. “Then we heard a bullet shot 3 times out of the way down. Then we were surprised and thought it fishing last issue directly to the direction of the shot. Then we went into the garden and see. Turns out we found the dead,” he testified.

“Then we said, we’ve killed, there are casualties, the shepherd boy, then we say: ‘commanding respect, excuse me,’ we just saw the victim’s body turned like this, we knew that this was a shepherd, then we say why shoot like this, small children know what, “said Maik Morib as presented to Matthew Murib.

Then, he said, they (TNI) has told the father that he call. Then, Maik Morib and his friends again check the victim. “Then we see the bullet hit the victim in the chest. Then we started to lift and lower the victim to the church in the past. We think and Eli Shepherd Wenda said, is the government that makes the bottom so we just got into town Tiom. Then we transfer to home Tiom hospital around 19:00 local time. ”

Dibertakan, XVII Cenderawasih Military Command spokesman, Jansen Simanjuntak said it was still investigating the origin of the bullet in the body of the boy. Meanwhile, the Papua Police claim the autopsy the medical team that performed at Hospital Lanny Jaya did not find any projectile in the body Arlince.

Reportedly, the police and the TNI have lowered the joint investigation team, led by Director General Criminal Papua Police, Bambang Priyambada.

Father John Djonga, Papuan activist and recipient of Yap Thiam Hiem Award and Matthew Murib and Patricio said to have arrived in the District Lani Jaya to conduct an investigation into the death of Arlince Tabuni allegedly shot by members of Kopassus.

Over this incident, the students demanded Komnas HAM Papua to conduct an investigation into the death of Arlince Tabuni. Students also demanded that the army / police are responsible for this shooting.

“We have asked the Commission to investigate this case as fairly, and we ask for legal advocacy to all parties to such things like this do not happen again. All shootings in Papua were never revealed the culprit. What is this,” said student speech yesterday, Tuesday (09/07/13). (MS)


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