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5 Proof of the government does not care about defeat of Papua and Freeport

Papua is one of the special areas for the unitary Republic of Indonesia. Not all regions or provinces received special recognition from the central government.

The turmoil that often occurs in Papua, indirectly encouraged the central government to give special attention to the province located in the eastern end of the unitary Republic of Indonesia.

Through Act No. 21 of 2001, the central government granted special autonomy for Papua Province. Not only limited recognition, special autonomy, the central government each year always give trillions of dollars to the budget portion of the province. The funds budgeted for education, health, infrastructure to fulfillment.

Despite giving special autonomy for Papua and large budget, the central government still considered not care about the condition of the people of Papua, which is still far behind other communities on the island.

Another interesting point when talking about the existence of Papua is the largest gold mine in the world which is now under the grip of PT Freeport. The existence and operations of Freeport Indonesia since 1967 until now is like a money machine for its parent company, Freeport-McMoRan in the United States.

However, what they give to the people of Papua? Nothing more than a social fund titled Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is generally done by all companies.

Dominance Freeport in Papua as unwavering by anything. Including by the central government.

Parliament also furious with the weak central government positions when dealing with Freeport. In a meeting held at the capitol, Friday (5/7), the House of Representatives government bombarded with questions and statements describing that the central government is powerless against Freeport.

“The national pride under the company,” flick member of Commission VII Ali Kastella.

Five ministers who attended the meeting, made helpless by various assessments related to the central government’s attention to a problem Papuan government powerless against Freeport.

Claim that the central government had always pay attention to the people of Papua, rated just nonsense. DPR see, there is some evidence the government does not pay attention to the welfare of the people of Papua. Here are five assessment related DPR government indifference to the people of Papua and Freeport facing the government powerless.


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