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SH2DRSP Support International Agenda for Papua

SH2DRSP Support International Agenda for Papua


SH2DRSP When Met at Café Prima Garden Abepura, Monday (8/7) yesterday morning approximately 10:00 WIT.JAYAPURA – group calling itself Solidarity Law, Human Rights and Civil Papuan People’s Democracy (SHDRP) expressed support for two international agenda will be made within This close, the planned visit by Foreign Minister (FM) Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) to Papua and Assembly of the United Nations – United Nations (UN) in Switzerland about customer cases Human Rights (HAM) in Papua upcoming July 10, 2013.
According to the Chairman of the First SH2DRSP, Osama Yogobi, at a hearing to be held in Geneva, Switzerland on 10 s / d June 11, the Government of Indonesia in this case the police chief in Papua will enter the discussion of several cases of alleged human rights violations that he did, and space closure democracy is applied in the land of Papua.

He asked to the people of Papua to support the agenda internasinal made relating to the discussion of the conflict that has been happening in the land of Papua and Papuans override it. “The foreign minister will visit to Jakarta after that he will visit again the government of Papua in West Papua,” said Osama Yogobi when accompanied by three members held a press conference, at Café Prima Garden Abepura, Monday (8/7) yesterday morning approximately at 10:00 CET .
In fact, he also said that in August, there will be that will ship overseas to Papua in Merauke whether or Jayapura, but the purpose of the humanitarian mission and no other mission. “The ship was also not allowed in politisir by any party. Was associated with a humanitarian mission, “he said.
Not only that, SH2DRSP also refused enactment khsusu Plus Autonomy (Autonomy Plus) that just runs on the leadership of Luke Enembe in Papua and UP4B. Because according to them, the various programs provided by the government to the community center did not bring significant changes. “Whatever it is, all the same, then re-start the demand is refused,” he said.
He also said that it welcomed some of the agenda that speaks of the rights and the plight of the people of Papua was then invited to all the people of Papua on the 20s this month, taking part of the action down the road that will be done. “We are not closing the space police chief, because the land above us,” he concluded. (Mir/don/l03)


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