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Church Leaders Ask UN Special Observer to Papua, What?

Church Leaders Ask UN Special Observer to Papua, What?

Not yet clear when the delegation Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) will visit Jakarta and Papua, to meet the demand for Papuan independence activists that Papua could be a family member Melanesian countries (MSG), emerged the new demands of the two church leaders of Papua which is quite vocal calls for the right of self-determination for the people of Papua. New demands it is that the UN Special Observer soon come to Papua.

The second figure is the Rev.. Socratez and Rev. Sofyan Yoman. Dr.. Beny Giay. Both are the Chairman of the Baptist Church of Papua, and the Chairman of the Synod Kingmi. Reported, the current Dutch ambassador Tjeerd de Zwaan was visiting Papua. Knowing the arrival of the Dutch Ambassador, Pastor. Socratez and Pdt. Benny went directly to the base pack Swissbelt Ambassador Hotel, Jayapura. Then there was a meeting on July 2, 2013 evening at the luxury hotel. Both were accepted by the Dutch Ambassador was accompanied by the Deputy Head of Political Division of the Embassy of the Netherlands, Maarten Van Den Bosch.

To the local media, Socratez said his meeting with the Dutch ambassador to discuss the success of the Special Autonomy (Autonomy) Papua. Without further ado Socratez immediately said that Autonomy has failed.

Rev. overlaid Socratez statement. Benny Giay. “So we think that’s Autonomy ‘deceased’. Now the problem is the government of Indonesia issued two policies each UP4B and Autonomy Plus. The latter is not known because of its usefulness has not been discussed in public, “said Chairman of the Synod Kingmi.

According Socratez, he and Rev.. Beny Giay also has proposed some ways to the Dutch ambassador, the Indonesian government needs to take several steps. First, release all Prisoners / political prisoners in Papua unconditionally. Second, foreign journalists allowed into Papua to see the development in Papua. Third, there is the United Nations specialized monitors were allowed into the Land of Papua. Fourth, there is the dialogue for a comprehensive settlement of the situation in Papua and dignity through peaceful dialogue between the Indonesian government and the honest people of Papua unconditionally and mediated a neutral third party.

Otsus Fail, classic theme

What is called for by both church leaders above (SAF fails, the liberation Prisoners / political prisoners, dialogue mediated negotiators from other countries, genocide) is not something that stands alone. But part of a grand plot to release Papuan political campaigns of the Homeland. Request to bring the UN special monitoring is a shortcut that Papua was taken over by the UN, as if security conditions in Papua have been very emergency. In my previous post I have to review this with the title “Whatever packaging, Papua Merdeka mission”.

So, I had in mind two figures, not the spirit to improve and accelerate development in Papua in Homeland corridor, but how that Papua could soon escape and become its own country. That anything done by the Government, would be accused of being WRONG!

And now even sue Autonomy problem to the Dutch who once colonized Papua hundreds of years. Perhaps the government of the Netherlands is concerned with its former (Papua), but a matter of policy Autonomy, the interal affairs of our State. Who can guarantee that the Dutch help Papua with humanitarian projects, but there is no “shrimp” behind his help? Let us beware together, for the sake of unity and SOVEREIGNTY beloved country.


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