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Insos story, July 6, 1998 in Biak

Insos story, July 6, 1998 in Biak

Hundreds of Biak dance and sing after raising the Morning Star flag on the water tower in Both, 2-6 July 1998 ago. Photo: Ist
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Last date of July 2, 2013, at 03.00 am, my eyes still open in front of Internet-connected computer networks. I read the news on various online media that write about the events of July 1 in Papua.

On July 1, 2 celebrated moment in the history of the land of Papua. First, HUT Police Hospitals. Second, the West Papua Independence Day. Celebration of the two events marred the shooting death of a 12-year-old girl in Lani Jaya.

Local media in Papua and national media covering the two peritistiwa, including the shooting of this poor girl. I continue to seriously read this news, including other news.

Exactly at 04.00 there is a message in my facebook inbox. A friend in Biak send a message to say hello to me. “Morning guys, how are you? Tra long conference, since the last meeting in Yogyakarta, “so the message that women Biak. We talked a lot about the experience with friends in Papua Student Dormitory, Kamasan 1 in Yogyakarta 5 years ago.

Long story short, the first chat to each other just say hello, immediately, turned to memories of the past. Period when he was high school in Biak in July 1998. He told me how he was as a student when it had to cancel school on the date, July 2, 1998.

He told me, that morning, approximately 06.30 Biak time, he went to school. But, on the way, he saw hundreds of people dancing and singing songs Papua under the water tower 35 meters high.

“It sa tra know what’s up. Sa curious and went to the nearby tower. Mama, there sa look at the Morning Star fly over. At that time, sa amazed, “said the friend recounts.

Insos (women: Biak language) was told that if when he saw those old cloth binding Morning Star in their hands. “I see some of my friends man. I am not so into school. Sa live with old people. At that time, it was getting a bit late. More people are coming. ”

As new girls high school age, she fears when the group came Regents apparently still he keeps well in the memory.

“Ae, while fellow regents Biak with the commander of the army, AL. AU and the police chief down to give guidance to the people to disperse. Sa su began to fear. However, older people are lazy tau. Sa remember, Mr. Karma Yopy then read out the demands for Freedom on behalf of West Papua. Sa look at the banners there is an inscription, West Papua’s time off from the Homeland “.

He says he does not think that day he only ate one piece of boiled taro. “It sa enjoy songs Papua. Dong brought the guitar and drums. Various songs and dances bring dong. It was already late afternoon, would su dark. Sa find broom father was there too. Sa father go approach. Father shocked look me in there, let alone sa still wearing the uniform. Then, the father of inter sa home. When we returned home su dark. I left that place with my father ”

After delivering Insos to home, the father returned to the tower. “That night sa tired. But, remember that sa sa insomnia. Sa thought broom father and the people. Sa asleep at 12 am. Then, early in the morning sa to school like this, where the person has been solid. Sa look like people get. Sa school is still there and join with dorang. Then sa home that afternoon, July 3, “she recalled.

Long story short, Insos say, the 4th of people still retain waving above the Morning Star Tower. On July 5 in the morning, he said, he and his brother escorted his father’s two went to the village using speedboad. However, after the escort, his father returned to the city soon.

“After his father take us back to the city to join under the Tower. From that time the father has not returned to this day. I have searched everywhere. Father gone, but the event sa remember. Will pu sa sa kastau to children, ‘kam pu tete missing on July 6, 1998 under the water tower, on which fluttered Morning Star’, “said Insos it.

Having said that, without the word salam, his facebook off. Our story is lost.

I leave a message in the inbox application for my forgiveness. I have asked a lot and maybe it makes him remember the poignant story of the past. As it turns out, has lost his beloved father in the incident.


Events of “Bloody Biak” just happened July 6, 1998 (early days). At that time, hundreds of unarmed civilians survive in the tower. They besieged forces. Elsam Papua Data based on witness information, it was around 05.00 am when Biak, Biak Navy Commander, gave the order to disperse the crowd.

On this command, the military began to block all sites Tower. Carried out mass forced dissolution apparatus. This makes clashes between civilians and security forces.

They opened fire on residents. PNAS civilians in the Village, the Village and Village Aupnor Saramom, Biak city escorted to Biak seaport. They were persecuted there. Arrests here and there, persecution, and torture.

When the victims were transported by trucks Brimob, also a container car to general hospitals (hospitals) and the Naval Hospital (RSAL) Biak. About 6 deaths were transported to RSAL Biak at the time, until now their bodies have not been back to the hands of the family.

“Agus Sada hit with a 5 × 5 block walk to the chest and punished. Martinus Ronsumbre beaten with gun cases, Elly Ansek place its in her stomach. Period led to a page that was dumped into the harbor trucks apparatus and taken to the police station. At the police station we were divided into two parts: the group directly involved and those who are not directly involved, “said the witness was quoted as saying Elsham.

It is said, the store owner had to give newcomers the drinking water to the community at the time the security forces also tortured like Sami-sami store.

People home at the time it was shot, pengebrekan from house to house. Mass torture was committed by the people who came out of their homes. Action officers at the time not only in location but action apparatus Tower extends to the countryside. Society can not freely travel.

Akhinya known, of these events, recorded 230 victims swallow. 8 people died; 3 people missing; severely injured who were evacuated to Makassar 4 and lost; 33 people were arbitrarily detained and suffered torture 150 people, as well as 32 mysterious corpse.

One of the detained leaders when it Filep Karma who is now the first Papuan political resistance after the reform.

Some time after the incident, discovered dozens of bodies in perarian (coastal) Biak. No one investigating the bodies. All the people in trauma and fear.

Officials stated that the bodies were victims of the Tsunami disaster in Aitape, Papua New Guinea, which occurred on July 17, 1998. Known, the bodies were no body dibungkusi with scout clothes and costume party Golkar.


For Insos in Biak and the Papuans, events of 15 years (July 6, 1998) was extremely difficult to cut off. He continues to grow into memory cruelty that thrives in silence. He grew up in the memories kept inherited. He has a history, at least in her memory.

In that memory, of history rather than a number of years, the time and sequence of events. History on July 6, 1998 in Biak contain records that have the potential to interpret the present and the future.

According to Benjamin in Gusri, “When people are dealing with some thing today, he would spontaneously make use of memory more than thought or knowledge”.

Potential history in the past paraphrases, as well as a means to connect the dimensions of past, present and future. Ingatanlah that makes us understand that the idea of ​​salvation is contained in the present past their past and their safety should be realized in the present.

“Forgetfulness leads to exile. Accelerate memory safety, “J. Moltmann. While, Erich Kastner said, “Who will forget what a wonderful, she will be evil. Who will forget what is ugly, he would be that stupid. ”

Thanks for the memory, though it was 15 years. Applaud the promise, “Sa sa pu will kastau to the children, we’ll pu tete missing on July 6, 1998 under the water tower, on which fluttered Morning Star”. (MS)

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