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“Do not be Afraid of Jakarta-Papua dialogue”

Douw Yan: Problems Solved Through Dialogue Aceh, Papua Why Difficult Dialogues

Papua Police Chief Inspector General (Police) Drs. M. Tito Karnavian, MA, PhD was talking with church leaders, Pastor. Lipius Biniluk at room Rupatama, Police Headquarters, Wednesday (3/7). Jayapura-Dutch Government urged to support Jakarta-Papua dialogue, to resolve the problem that initiated Papua Papua Peace Network (JDP).
“We urge the Indonesian government and the Papuan people do not be afraid to sit together, think together and act together to resolve the problems in Papua by Jakarta-Papua dialogue,” said Yan Douw Catholic monk when meeting the Dutch ambassador Tjeerd de Zwaan with Papua Police, community leaders, leaders customs, religious leaders and youth leaders in the room Rupatama, Mapolda Papua, Jayapura, on Wednesday (3/7) evening.
Therefore, Yan said Douw, pihakya invite Netherlands, United States, United Nations and Indonesia to jointly resolve the Papuan problem. “If you can not, please take responsibility Papuan blood to God,” said Yan Douw.

Bishop of Jayapura is said to be representative, it was actually wondering why the problem can be resolved through dialogue Aceh Jakarta-Aceh. But the Indonesian government as difficult to respond to the Jakarta-Papua dialogue. Though Jakarta-Papua dialogue is not the way to Papua’s independence, but to solve the problem in Papua
Chairman of the Organization of Indigenous Peoples (LMA) Papua Lenis Kogoya, SH, MH pointed out, the information is now published abroad concerning the issue of Papuan independence and political issues, which is not yet fully fit reality. Therefore, beber Lenis, it asked the Dutch government to sort out the information it receives from the various parties.
Chairman of GKI Klasis Jayapura Itaar Willem insisted, GKI is one-one and the birth of the Church comes from the preaching of the gospel of the Netherlands and Germany on February 5, 1855 ago in Manokwari, West Papua. One hundred and one years later, the struggle of the communist movement born from fighting for the birth Kine IS GKI in Papua on 26 April 1956.
Willem said Itaar, GKI before birth into the Church. He’s one of the church-that contribute to Homeland in the Land of Papua. But the running time is pretty much GKI there on a dilemma, because he must be there to defend the rights of the Papuan people and also he must account for where he was part of the fight for Homeland also exist in Papua until now.
Itaar Wellem said, these churches berandil outstanding in creating security conditions in Papua is thus formed Papuan church fellowship church at all levels both at the provincial, district / city.
“Talk about the land of Papua is talking about the Netherlands, because the Dutch have contributed in the form of a sovereign state. And in 1963 Papua into the Republic of Indonesia until now, “said Wellem Itaar.
Previously, the group with the Ambassador of the Netherlands beraudensi Cenderawasih XVII Commander Maj. Gen. Christian Zebua, MM and Vice Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal. This group will also have a meeting with DPRP, MRP, and a visit to Sarmi. (Mdc/don/l03)


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