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Vice bout vs. West Papua Indonesian Vice IN TO MSG-19 summit

By Selpius Bobii
(Abepura Prison, June 18, 2013)
“I Baltazar Kambuaya on behalf of private and family sebesar2nya apologize to the families of the A3 in Jayapura, having been involved in the Indonesian delegation For block of West Papua into MSG”, as the phrase is now a former Rector of Uncen and Indonesian Environment Minister Prof. Dr.. Baltazar Kambuaya, M.BA. This short message is sent to the A3 family in Jayapura, 13/06/2013 petition to declare his apology for his involvement in the Indonesian delegation to hinder efforts of West Papua in as full members at MSG. Kambuaya Baltazar is one of the Papuan Indonesian delegation to attend the MSG KKT held in Noumea – New Caledonia between June 17 to 23 June 2013. 19th MSG Summit this time selecting the main theme: “Identity Malanesia”.
Is an apology like this at this time can be accepted by his family, his people and by the people of the nation of Papua in general?
Such apology for inappropriate now taken for granted by the Papuan people who are trying hard to seek solidarity and support of a large family Malanesia countries. Here are some reasons, why an apology in a case like this is not as easy as it is received?
First, they (the Papuans) who was sent by the State of Indonesia to join MSG summit already know and understand well that the people of Papua has been 50 years of struggle for full independence, they also know that the people of Papua is trying hard to get a full member in order to MSG MSG a vehicle heading to the United Nations mechanisms, but they went with the full awareness of West Papua hamper efforts become a full member at MSG.
Secondly, they (the Papuans) who sent the MSG summit also come to know and understand well that the people of the nation of Papua experienced colonization by Homeland for 50 years. Many Papuans die, suffer, arrested and imprisoned, many Papuans fled to the forest or to other villages or to other countries to find a safe place due to the pursuit of military / police. They also know that many Papuan women raped, dianiya, Papuan people into a minority, discriminated against, marginalized and ethnic extinction is heading. Although they know and understand it, but they went the noble nation of Papua hinder efforts to end the occupation through the UN official.
Forum Summit earlier MSG, Papuan people never formally invited. 19th MSG Summit only this time, six people representing West Papua formally invited by the host. However, this golden opportunity to be endorsed. The challenge comes from Papuans Homeland pandering. There are efforts to thwart the West Papua became an official member of the MSG Pet Country Indonesian Papua. It’s pathetic!
Third, they knew that he was the Papuans, black, curly hair, from the island of Papua, allied Malanesia. They also conceived and born by the mother of the Papuans. Raised from the motherland Papua. However, in full consciousness, they went with a red and white flag to the summit of MSG to inhibit Papuan People’s sublime effort to break the chain of oppression Homeland through UN mechanisms originated through the door MSG.
Why did they go impede efforts of West Papua into MSG? May overshadow-backs by the following reasons, among others:
First, they have been tempted by the wealth and position and other pleasures offered by the Indonesian state to them. Wealth (money) and position (power) as well as other enjoyment is the tool most potent antidote tool. Their self-esteem is mortgaged with offers of cheap which can be tempting. The eyes of their hearts blinded by mere worldly pleasures offered. They were swept away by the worldly pleasures, then with a full awareness of their mortgaged his pride and dignity of the Papuan people.
Have you accumulate wealth as much as possible, please you be any official in the Homeland system, the Human Rights you, we do not prohibit it, but do not ever pawned struggle with the noble nation of Papua job, money, or other pleasures; please at all times insulting or harassing struggle Papua, due to the freedom struggle, many Papuans killed, many more suffered dirimba highway, valley, on the coast, in the mountains, and in prison, and in the land of rantauan or person.
What an irony! They are educated, leading intellectuals in Papua, but the intelligence they used to colonize behind his family, his people and his nation by maintaining oppression. They are conceived, born, raised, and financed to do good for his family, his tribe and his people as well as others, but they forget and do not know yourself. They go hand in or prostituting themselves along with the Indonesian colonial state to extend the persecution of his family, his people and his nation – West Papua.
Secondly, they have become part of the Republic of Indonesia which has invaded the nation of Papua, then they might be forced to do something that is contrary to his conscience. Indeed, when inducted hold one position, they have sworn to be faithful to the Homeland. So it’s a proof of their loyalty to the Republic and any ordered by his superiors, complied with and implemented. That means their self-esteem has been mortgaged to the office, pawned his nation ideology with the ideology of other nations. That means they have betrayed the noble struggle of the Papuan people.
It’s very sad! In the West Papuan people’s time fought hard to come out of the occupation Homeland, at the same time there is also the Papuans are still dancing on the blood and tears of the people of West Papua universe; when the Papuan people looking for a way out to be free from colonialism RI, at the same time, there are still those Papuans who get in the way of national liberation Papua in Papua as people struggle to end the oppression of Indonesia in Papua, at the same time anyway, there are still certain Papuans maintain colonization; when people Papua ass off banish oppression RI, at the same time there are still people who Papua silent and lazy know.
Action hinders efforts to enter into MSG West Papua is not done because kekilafan, not because of ignorance, but it is done with full awareness and understand the problem well. Therefore they do not know themselves, do not know the customs, do not know the laws of religion. This they should be called a traitor.
As is known publicly that host the MSG summit was held from 18 – 23 June 2013 has invited six (6) West Papuan representatives, led by Dr John Otto Onawame. The six were, among others: Dr. John Otto Onawame, Reck Rumaikiek, Andi Ayamiseba, Paula Makabori, Barack Sope as advisor and another unnamed. Sixth Papuan representatives have been invited officially by the host (Kanaky Socialist National Liberation Front). They represent Papua will be given the opportunity to deliver the nation struggles Papua and Papua nation yearning to get out of the occupation Homeland. On that occasion also representatives of the Papuan people will deliver the Papuan nation yearning to become an official member of MSG as an initial step towards the West Papua to the UN mechanism.
In the current representative of the Papuan people struggle on the forums MSG summit, at the same time faced by Papuans Pet Negara Indonesia (Papindo) official who was sent by the State of Indonesia, led by the Ambassador of Indonesia in Countries around the country in the Pacific region, and Prof. Maikel Manufandu. Dr. Baltazar Kambuaya. Many Indonesian delegation sent to Noumea, New Caledonia to block the entry of West Papua became an official member of MSG.
Let us imagine, in the MSG summit respectable forum, enlivened by two groups of indigenous Papuans, with two views and two very different purposes. The views presented by the representatives of the nation of Papua and other views presented by the representatives of the nation and state of Indonesia.
In the MSG summit forum, representatives of the Papuan people struggle against oppression deliver RI and its allies and how to get out of the occupation, with the goal of full independence of West Papua, and at the same time anyway, representatives of the Papuan people confronted with other views of the representatives of the nation and the State of Indonesia which convey Homeland struggle to repress Papuans through various strategies and how to maintain the occupation Homeland and its allies in Papua through security approach, social, cultural, legal and welfare development is apparent. With the aim of maintaining the frame Papua Homeland.

Of the two views and two different objectives of the representatives of the Papuan people and the Indonesian people’s representatives, will be considered by the State leadership of the State Malanesia (MSG).
The fight between the representatives of the Papuan people and the Indonesian State representatives will culminate in a final decision within the MSG summit forum to 19 it is:
First, Is the Indonesian representative will convince certain MSG leaders and thwart efforts to become a full member of West Papua MSG? If this happens means victory for the Indonesian state and its allies. This victory is not the victory of the noble, dignified and democratic victory, but a victory dirty, engineering triumph and victory as underpinned by economic and political interests alone.
If the first possibility is the case, then the certain Malanesia countries affected with various offers cheap and or influenced by the views of the State of Indonesia which is mere rhetoric. If this happens, then the Malanesia countries still willing to sacrifice the people of West Papua; ignore the demands of society, and solidarity Malanesia ignoring and violating the founding purpose MSG forum. Also at the same time as well, countries do not recognize Malanesia West Papuans as a large family Malanesia. But we are optimistic that there is still time in the years to come and we had a terrible God. And we will fight with God and with the solidarity of the international community to fight the storm and toupun with a vengeance to the port of total freedom.
Second, Is Papuan representatives will be able to convince the leadership of the MSG that West Papua received a full member of MSG? If this happens, it means victory for the people of Papua and it is a triumph of faith, the triumph of truth, justice and honesty. That win international solidarity.
If the second possibility is the case, then countries Malanesia have heard the moans and expectations of Papua for 50 years under occupation Homeland, and MSG admits West Papuans as allied Malanesia. And we will move forward with God led to large family Malanesia International solidarity and also to pass through the storm and toupun total freedom to the port.
On this occasion, from behind bars Abepura Prison, I submit below:

2). To each person who prostitute themselves in Indonesian politics to fight or deter mengadaikan Papuan struggle to immediately conscious, regret and repent.
3). To each of the Papuans, if you know anyone in your family or your tribe pawn noble struggle of the Papuan people, so be alert and assertive through oral or written.
4). The MSG leaders to be able to receive a full member of West Papua at MSG forum.
5). Let us unite and move along the line to break the chains of oppression Homeland and its allies, to the port of total freedom, which has long been yearning nation of Papua and sympathizers. Amen!
Author: Selpius Bobii, (Chairman of the Union of People’s Struggle Front West Papua, also as a Political Prisoner of the Free Papua Movement)

Indonesian delegation led by:
1. Baltazar Kambuaya (Minister of Environment),

Anggotax namely:
1. Abraham Atururi (Gub. West Papua),

2. Luke Enembe (Gub. Papua),

3. Fredy Numberi

4. Velix Wanggai,

5. Frans Alberth Yoku and

6. Nick Meset.

These people face, skin, blood, all Papuans, but in their hearts to act and do something for the sake of Homeland.



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