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Picking the cloud’s winners and losers: From SaaS to SDN


A group of technology executives played the cloud computing and enterprise IT version of “hot or not” during a Wednesday afternoon session at GigaOM Structure. While hardly a scientific study, their viewpoints on the various technology trends that tech vendors have pushed over the past few years were at least interesting.

Here are the winners and losers, according to Paul Santinelli, general partner at North Bridge Venture Partners; Arne Josefsberg CTO of ServiceNow; Peter Frey, president and founder of Krey Associates; and Raj Patel, VP of cloud services at Cisco Systems.


  • Software as a service
  • Solid-state drives
  • Enterprise cloud
  • OpenStack
  • Self-service IT
  • Puppet and Chef


  • Software-defined networking
  • IPv6
  • Carrier clouds
  • Facebook’s custom switch plans

Memorable quotes

On SDN: “The conversations today sound almost exactly like the conversations we had three to four years ago,” Josefsberg said.

On OpenStack: It’s great conceptually, Santinelli said, but “the contrarian view to…

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