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Dialog Not so the people of Papua Independence Means Request

Marinus: Handling Papua Violence Should Not Through Dialogue
Marinus YaungJAYAPURA – Observer International Law, University of Social and Political Cenderawasih Jayapura, Marinus Yaung, say, the usual approach of the police to do in conflict resolution in Papua and in dealing with civil movements in Papua is through dialogue, not violence that still made apparatus.
  According to him, the security forces should establish cooperation with the Papua Peace Network (JDP) to realize a peaceful Papua-Jakarta dialogue. Because the provincial government of Papua, the DPRP and MRP itself can no longer be expected to support the agenda of the peace dialogue.
  Due to the fact that no assessment had been impressed both the Government of Papua, the DPRP and MRP are just looking for a position it safe and profitable position himself.

  “I expect the Papua Police wake intensive communication with the JDP to realize the peace dialogue. Dialogue does not mean asking for independence connotation, but the dialogue to convey what the people who have suffered, “he told Bintang Papua at his residence on Thursday (13/6).
  Stressed, this time the people kept shouting, because the people were killed, beaten, tortured, and worse still the fundamental problems have not taken very well, so the people are still living in backwardness and poverty, especially the people in the villages.
  Associated with it, Lecturer Department of International Relations Faculty of Social Uncen Jayapura this, that, what kind of face Indonesia in the eyes of Papuans is highly dependent on the behavior of the TNI / police in Papua. If the military / police present to face cruel and violent, then people will see Indonesia’s Papua cruel and violent.
  Conversely if the army / police comes with a face full of respect, courtesy, a sense of friendship and high regard dialogue as a way of solving the problem, then people will see Indonesian Papua are very good in treating Papuans.
  “People’s views on Indonesian Papua is determined by each person’s experience in interacting with the Papua military / police on the ground,” he explained.
  Added, to change the negative evaluation of Papua to Indonesia, starting from changes in attitudes and approaches TNI / police in a common life in the midst of the people of Papua. (Nls/don/l03)



  1. i do,.t dialoge, i like papua referendum



  1. “Dialog Tak Berarti Minta Merdeka“
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