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Considered ‘Can Secure’ KNPB, 2 Police Members Honored

Jayapura Jayapura Police Station-2 Members of each Head of Ops Jayapura City Police Commissioner and Member Kiki Kurnia Dalmas Jayapura Police Brigadier Afandi was awarded, after successfully securing a demonstration assessed the Governing Body Center West Papua National Committee (BPP-KNPB) requires the completion of the human rights cases, that killed two people in District Aimas, Sorong, West Papua which commemorate 50 Years annexation of West Papua.
Awards to two outstanding members of the Jayapura Police Station given Papua Police Chief Inspector General (Police) Drs. M. Tito Karnavian, MA in an apple with the Jayapura police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner attended Alfred Papare, SIK and Main Police Officer Papuans in Jayapura City Mapolres Apple Field, Friday (14/6) yesterday morning.
“We have given several awards to members in the police station in order to stimulate the spirit of serving the community. Police recorded in Nabire and Serui’ve got a similar award, following 3 Members Jayapura district police last May, “said Tito.

Tito said, Jayapura city district police security is a barometer for the Papua region, then with it, Tito as the police chief responded positively to the security services offered by the Jayapura Police Station and staff so it needs to be given the award.
 “The intention of my visit, the first to come face to face with colleagues and the Jayapura Police officers because it is quite important that police in Papua, Jayapura if safe, then it is safe Papua, vice versa, the second one, I pay tribute to two members of the Police Jayapura because I quite appreciate (appreciate) for their efforts in curbing the demonstration some time ago, precisely on May 13, 2013, “he added.
He explained that one of the major challenges is the demonstration in Jayapura city. Although Law No.. 9 of 1998 has set about expressing an opinion in public, there are still some anarchist demonstration.
“Demonstrations are allowed, provided that comply with Law no. 9 of 1998, and it is the right of citizens. But there is an article that said that these rallies have limitations, for example should respect others, respect others kebebeasan, there are ethical and dignified means the words are blasphemy and curses issued to other parties, and most importantly, maintain the integrity of the Republic “said Tito.
In addition, he also asserted that the principle of the police is to strive not to place excessive casualties and excessive use of force.
“Well I saw it in the case May 13 is one example of the police could handle demonstrations amid problems facing an uncontrollable mob. They’ve been trying to have a dialogue but not running, instead they stoned, beaten, so these two police officers were wounded “said Tito.
Remarkably, according to Chief of Police, is when members beaten, stoned members, but they did not retaliate. “Usually, if there is one member of the group bonding that hurt, then another party member who participated rampage, this dynamic group name psykologi (psychological dynamics group), whereby when an individual identity to be lost, which appears is a group identity. So different from the Head of Ops that although wounded, he forbade his men to fight back to the protesters, he opted to stay, that’s what makes me a tremendous appreciation “said Tito.
Indeed, at the time it was reported that the two members who received the award in the chest so that the injured was taken to hospital for a post mortem.
 “Yes we both are injured, also was in the hospital post mortem, but we were only following orders Head. Ops, to survive and fight back even though at that time Head of Ops were also injured. “Said Affandi, one of the wounded.
While Kiki Kurnia said that this will be a pride for him in particular, and members of the general Jayapura Police Station.
 “Yes this award not just for me personally, but also to all members of Jayapura city district police. That there are many people right there, so I take it as Spririt of leadership so that we better in service to the community, “he said. (Mdc/achi/l03)


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