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1 Year of Death Mako Tabuni: Ask KNPB Mako Killer Arrested

Jayapura – West Papua National Committee (KNPB) via the Spokesman (Jubirnya), Wim Rocky Medlama asked police officers to catch and finish also reveal the killer Alm. Mako Tabuni one of the sons of Moses Papuans have a major impact for the people of West Papua, who was killed by a hot lead police on June 14, 2013 last year.
“Police have opened fire on Alm. Mako Musa Tabuni without clear legal procedure, and has one year to the second case is not yet complete and the killer has not been processed. Thus, we ask the parties – parties that handle the shooting Alm. Mako Musa Tabuni this resolved so quickly, “said Wim accompanied by First Chairman Agus Kossay when KNPB Center held a press conference, at Café Prima Garden Abepura, Friday (14/6) yesterday afternoon.

Wim on this murder case said it would be a day that continues to be remembered and celebrated by the West Papuans, because one of the leaders of the people of West Papua who lifted the rights and dignity of indigenous people (OAP) has been shot dead by law enforcement officers for no reason and legal basis clear.
He insists, Papua Police should not remain silent or let this human rights violation cases are influenced by time. Police chief should explore and resolve cases of extrajudicial shootings by police officers against their idol.
“We asked for an explanation and accountability Papua Police to revisit why Mako should be shot, we requested data law, what legal basis? Until now it was not the perpetrator was arrested, instead he will climb the ranks (police who did the shooting-ed), “he said.
According to him, the murder Mako scenario it was assumed that there is great that government is run by party – certain parties, with the intent to destroy civil society demanding their rights or the right to stand on its land.
“It’s there all game, how to break the movement is being driven by the West Papuan civilians, so we asked the Papua Police to review the shooting Mako Tabuni with Bertus late Mabel,” he said.
The same place, I KNPB Center Chairman, said Agus Kossay, if indeed Alm. Mako Musa Tabuni allegedly involved in several cases that occurred in the last few years, why not be arrested and secured in accordance with legal procedures and why should be killed.
“That means the Jakarta making scenarios for capturing and killing Papuan pro-independence activists. So we hope the proof is the fact that the law is clear, can not play – play, “he said. (Mir/achi/l03)


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