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Again, Demo Support West Papua in MSG Disbanded

Jayapura – Papua support action to join the Melanesian Sparehead Group (MSG) continues to flow. If the previous action done in the form of a peaceful demonstration by PNWP through KNPB and BEMF / Uncen DPMF, so this time, the action was back support comes from Solidarity Law, Human Rights and Civil Papuan People’s Democracy (SH2DRSP) and the entire Central Highlands students who want to do peaceful demonstration, but dispersed by security forces in this case Jayapura city district police.
Because the demo banned, then Chairman of the Asso SH2DRSP Alius and student representatives throughout the Middle pegunugan represented Nius who is also Chairman of the Asso HMPJ Jayapura done in the form of a press conference, at Café Prima Garden Abepura, yesterday afternoon approximately 11:00 am CDT, Thursday (113/6) .

They are in addition to supporting the West Papuan Melanesian join Sparehead Group (MSG) also urged the Government of Indonesia (GoI) to immediately release political prisoners and prisoners affiliated (Prisoners / political prisoners) Papua unconditionally that had been languishing in jail RI.
According to the Chairman of the Asso SHHDRSP Alius, the reason for the arrest of Prisoners / Papuan political prisoners by the Government of Indonesia, it is not logical let alone to get a life sentence under the cage bars Indonesian colonizers. “One example is getting a life sentence in prison is Anton Waman Timika, and endured the punishment that I think is not logical at all. Therefore, I look forward to the Government of Indonesia to immediately release him unconditionally. Just as well as in the District on behalf of Edison Kendy Serui to Wanni Amboy, where they two are still in the trial stage of the process to date. This is time-consuming or annual play, but until today there is no clarity and the presence of things like this makes Indonesia silencing democracy that exists on the land of Papua so far, “said Alius so familiar greeting.
According Alius, Sekang an era of democracy, but based on data Prisoners / Papuan political prisoners that it had, in which many Papuans are still behind bars the GoI. “For now around 50 and above, too much so. Then existing in the area had it, we ask that immediate release, “he said.
According to him, in the archipelago region Serui, security forces always violate human Rights (HAM) and also conduct phisikis emphasis on communities in the region. “In this Serui is becoming increasingly high and all the human rights abuses that go on in the journalist threatened all, I own this fall and I immediately saw with my own eyes, is under pressure by the military / police, therefore I do not expect a debilitating phisikologis reporters who are there because it is part of the struggle of humanity and it also does duty journalists, “he said.
Meanwhile the same place, Nius Asso representing Central pegunugan students in Jayapura who is also the Chairman of the City of Jayapura HMPJ said, they also support West Papua to become a member of MSG.
And, he also hoped that the security forces in this case the military / police should provide the opportunity for indigenous people or the people of West Papua to speak to the interests of the whole people of West Papua and the urge to open the democratic space that has been silenced by Indonesia so that no more emphasis in speaking and politics.
According Alius and Nius, a form of support for West Papua join MSG was not done by doing a peaceful demonstration, because they had been banned by the police, by reason of disturbing public order. So as to avoid it – it is not desirable that they do so by making a press conference as a sign of encouragement to form West Papua join in the MSG.
“If we keep doing the demonstrations continues to be prohibited by the police will lead to disruption of security and order and subsequently no violence, where the violence is certainly there who are victims of our good people of West Papua as well as from the security forces. Thus, we are looking forward to no longer be there either victims of the West Papuan people and the police, so we have to push this agenda by using the brain cool, peaceful and full of love and attention from the deepest depths of our hearts of the people of West Papua , “they concluded when the press conference ended. (Mir/don/l03)


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