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Any request of the Governor of Papua, Luke Enembe so that people do not do a demonstration on May 1, which has been commemorated as the day of the annexation of Papua into Papua Homeland criticism of the legislature.
A Parliament of Papua Commission Secretary, Julius Miagoni say, what the governor was as limiting the rights or democratic space and the people of Papua wrong thing. The task of the government and security forces are guarding the aspirations of the people in order to avoid the things that are not cool.
“The governor should not restrict democratic society. What kind of activities, it is up to the people who escorted important to avoid things that are not cool. Governor that prohibits public demand action mekakukan it wrong. Not new this year Papuans celebrated May 1, but since the entry Papua Homeland, “said Julius Miagoni, Friday (26/4).
According to him, the Papuan people would be disappointed if the governor ordered them to take action on May 1. The action does not directly make the Papuan people off from the Homeland.
“If the reason a lot of changes taking place in Papua and the central government is very attentive to Papua, we admit it. But it also does not relieve the public’s willingness to fight for their political rights in Papua, “he said.
Miagoni said, could not state the reason sumbangi Papua to big so limited warning May 1. Not only that berkontrubusi center to Papua, Papua also contribute significantly to the center. Papua’s natural wealth for the country so sumbansi. Should all parties think how dialogue can be done.
“It’s not a matter of eating and drinking, but past history. Papuans feel deprived of their political rights. It was difficult to stop because of the heart and conscience issues. So whoever does not have the desire to limit the right of the people of Papua.
I think the governor’s comments will certainly disappoint many Papuans. I say this because we commission a task monitor, and control governance. It’s part of my job, so I spoke, “said Julius Miagoni.
By (Jubi / Arjuna)


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