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Jayapura – It’s been almost a week later, the establishment Perwaklan OPM office in Oxford, England, still continues to be a warm conversation, not only at the national level, but also in Papua.

Following the statement of the Chairman of Papua Indigenous Peoples Empowerment Institute, Stephen Siep, SH, that penderian Representative Office of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) in the City of Oxford-UK does not have a clear legal legality, get a serious response from the Observer of International Law, University of Social Politics of Paradise, Marinus Yaung.

Lecturer in International Relations Studies Program Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Social) Uncen Jayapura said, OPM Representative Office in the City of Oxford England can not be closed. The reason is, first, Benny Wenda and his friends before setting up the OPM Office, they have formed and set up a legal entity called Free West Papua.

Stressed, an establishment in the UK something legal status, permission letter arrangement is complicated and takes a long time. If hukumnnya agency is the agency that the interests of residents in the UK alone, sufficient permission letter issued by the local government with the approval of local parliament, and time management is a maximum of three months.

But if hukumnnya body with the aim to fight for the interests of the establishment of foreign nationals outside the UK such as the Legal Entity Free West Papua, the process must obtain a permit local government and local parliament, and then conveyed to the British government and the British parliament for approval within the time required process of incorporation as the Free West Papua maximum of two years.

“So if you get Indonesian Embassy in London did not know the process of the establishment of this Office, means that it is outrageous and a huge failure in Indonesian diplomacy,” he told Bintang Papua, at his residence, Friday (9/5).

Even here, if someone said that the legal basis of the legality of OPM’s Office is not clear, it’s the wrong language and do not understand the political system and governance in the UK. And if it is said not to have a strong impact on the Papuan struggle for independence, he needs to remind that the international political know one of the most feared political force that is political domina or domino effect. Ie if the card is already falling, for example the U.S. or the Joker card, then the other dominoes will fall as well.

Such political roots originated from England and, later developed by the U.S. Secretary of State Kissinger in the strategy of the cold war with the Arab-British Siviet. Thus, actual U.S. card or Joker in Papua Merdeka struggle.

Another reason is Benny Wenda and his friends set up a representative office which OPM is British citizen, not the illegal population. Due to the status of a citizen like that, then of course the British Government can not interfere in economic activity, political, social and activity keseharuan citizens.

The British government can only interfere in personal activities of its citizens concerned or as required by the relevant conduct detrimental extraordinary crime the State at large. So long as Benny Wenda and his friends move with OPM Office, the British government could not interfere with their activities because the government would be in violation of its own laws.

“Rarely in the UK we see the government violated its own law. But if in our country, it is not uncommon for in Indonesia, laws are made to be broken by the manufacturer. So OPM activity, his office will continue to run in the UK. Could be closed if OPM friends in the UK commit acts of violence, bombings, sabotage and other losses to the state, “he said.

“As long as it is, then the OPM office remained in operation, and the City of Oxford readers need to know that in addition to the OPM Office, Representative Office also fight the people of Scotland and the Office of the struggle of the people of Northern Ireland who want independence from the British,” he continued.

Next, they are sponsoring or are behind the establishment of the Representative Office in the UK OPM are International NGOs spread across several European countries, America, Australia and influential individuals in the world, Ps. Desmond Tutu of South Africa.

Sponsorship force behind Benny Wenda is that he thought that the moral burden on the government to bring the UK to take part also feel and understand the mystical atmosphere of people in Papua who still live under oppression and suffering prolonged as South Africa in the implementation of Apartheid politics.

Because this is the possibility of a psychological burden the British government did not act to prevent the opening of the Representative Office and OPM also unlikely to cover the OPM Office is operational. (Nls/don/l03)

Sources: Bintang Papua


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