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Jayapura, One leaflets containing provocation and pit-sheep fellow Papuans have been circulating and dissipating those not in the know in japis Jayapura – Papua, on Wednesday, 8/05/13

V dock area on Complex Yapis Jayapura, at around 24.00 CET, unknown person using a motor burst-scattering paper in the street, after the man managed to burst the paper vanished instantly.

Complex societies Yapis that night managed to see the person doing the action but failed to arrest him because aksinyapun and lightning fast.

Witness a japis Residents justify it, he said “It is true Thursday night, our children no longer play gaple complex for mere entertainment because not sleepy, when play suddenly we saw that there was a drop of paper scattered on the street just like that, the man continues use the motor ran, “said the resident, who did not want his name mentioned.

He continued “Because we are curious and a little suspicious, we went directly to the papers and read all the writing on the inside,” he said

He said, the contents of the paper that makes us shocked and we were a little surprised. core writings that we see it like this, tulisanya “

     “The migrants and the coastal / beach united will kill and drive out the mountain because the mountain assessed during this always make trouble”

However, he said again, of writing and of the behavior of the stranger, we suspect this might be a provocation and setting the people who deliberately want to mourn their fellow sheep Papua itself, so that there is mutual hatred, anger, resentment and bisah to kill each other .
So I just want to instruct us not to be provoked by the sound of the leaflets, the message he hung up.

Editor: Turius Wenda


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