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Two Papuan human rights lawyer to International Recognition

In the ‘Lawyers for Lawyers Award for dedication to human rights

Gustaf Kawer, SH, M.Si which appears in a discussion with the moments kliennya.JAYAPURA – Two human rights lawyers from Papua, Olga Hamadi and Gustaf Kawer, Saturday (3/5) received special recognition from the judges ‘Lawyers for Lawyers Award’ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
 The jury is made up of legal experts to put them in a tight third in nominations for awards, which was won by the Russian human rights lawyer, Magamed Abubakarov.
As a press release received from Bintang Papua Gustaf Kawer via electronic mail, he and Olga Hamadi judged worthy of this recognition, because it has dedicated himself to the legal advocate for people in Papua.
Still in releasenya, TAPOL coordinator, Paul Barber, while giving awards revealed that the award is a testament to the dedication, courage and professionalism Olga Hamadi and Gustaf Kawer and human rights lawyers in Papua.

“The Indonesian government should give attention to, protect their rights and ensure that they can continue to work for justice in Papua, ‘said Paul Barber who is one of the organizations who helped nominate the two lawyers.
Papuan human rights lawyer, he added, have a situation that is really difficult. In performing his professional duties, they are also often stigmatized as a separatist and being threatened and intimidated by the judicial authorities and the police, military and intelligence.
Simply because assist Papuans are often arrested for participating in demonstrations and the right voicing for berkspresi.
Gustaf expressed, that in his report on the award, the jury explained that he and Olga Hamadi is a marker light in a region, where the people lose confidence in the legal system and face violence every time protesting the rampant injustice.
Currently Olga Hamadi, SH, M.Sc is KontraS Papua Coordinator, who started work as a human rights lawyer since joining LBH Papua, 2005. While Gustaf Kawer, SH, M.Si is a human rights lawyer involved in the LBH Papua since 2000. Both are members of the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Human Rights in Papua, a coalition of Papuan human rights lawyer who works to assist victims who get to experience repression and injustice.
Human rights lawyers from around the world nominated for the Lawyers for Lawyers Award. It was initiated by civil society organizations Holland Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L), which is committed to making its lawyers can run freely and independently, in accordance with international law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers. (Aj / don/l


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