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Papuan political prisoners Drastic Increase, As of May 2013 Reached 76 People

Jayapura, STEP MAGAZINE – Political Prisoner (Prisoner) Papua until the end of May 2013 has reached 76 people. This number rose dramatically after the previous month, April 2013 to 40 political prisoners in jail.

Papuan Prisoners official website, reported, in the first week after the April 30 demonstration seemed to increase the number of arrests for their activities on May 1, 2013 the 50th anniversary of the Transfer of Administration of Papua into Indonesia.

“There has been an excessive use of force by the security forces with regard to the activity in the alert. Many as three people died in Sorong activist, 36 people were arrested 30 of them are still detained and allegedly tortured in Timika and Jayapura,” he wrote.

As pointed out in previous reports, the murder of police in Yapen, new information suggests the occurrence of the alleged torture of two people of the still detained, at risk of torture in custody.

Luis Gedi has been released, while the trial of Boas Gombo on Indigenous Peoples Day events Yapen, arrests in Sarmi and Biak blasting cases are still ongoing. Blasting in Timika case was pending in court. (GE / MS)


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