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Mahasiswa dan Prodem Jakarta Tolak Grasi untuk Tapol Papua

Jakarta, MAGAZINE STEP – Student Papua and several Organization of Pro-Democracy as Papua Student Alliance (AMP), the Association of Indonesian Middle Mountains Students (AMPTI), National Papua Solidarity (breath) said the plan expressly rejected clemency for Political Stages (Prisoner) Papua by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY).

It was raised at the press conference that was held on Sunday (06.02.13) at the Press Conference Room, KontraS Jakarta.

“We connect what you say to us by the Papuan political prisoners. They say flatly rejected clemency promised the Indonesian government,” said deputy Papuan students in Jakarta, Agus Kosay.

He said, President SBY has made an appointment in a meeting at his private residence in Cikeas with Papuan leaders including the Governor Luke Enembe to grant clemency for political prisoners.

“This is a plan granting clemency opposite. Flip side, Indonesia campaign at the international level that there are no political prisoners. However, the evidence today the government admit that in Papua there are dozens of political prisoners,” he said.

Known, recently, political prisoners in Papua Abepura LP made ​​a joint statement containing a rejection of the plan by granting clemency SBY.

“Friday, May 24, 2013, the attitude of the political prisoners in prisons Papua Merdeka Indonesian colonial countries. Hereby political prisoners brought undersigned states that ‘we reject a plan granting clemency by the President of the Republic of Indonesi. We do not need to be released from prison, but the need and demand release Papuan peoples of colonial countries of Indonesia occupation ‘, “wrote the political prisoners recently.

The Prisoner said, will remain of any offers by SBY as President of the Republic of Indonesia. (GE / MS)


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