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“The case of Puncak Jaya So Commodity Foreign Political Parties”

Marinus: report It’s Up to OPM representation office in the UK
* Commander Denies Loss of 5 Residents in Tingginambut
Marinus YaungJAYAPURA – Observer International Law, and Social Politics in Papua, Marinus Yaung, say, violence, terror, intimidation, and all forms of violation of Human Rights (HAM) that occurred in the region Tingginambut, Puncak Jaya is the most important political commodity by the -foreigners who are fighting for the separation of Papua from the Homeland.
Even all reports of violence in Tingginambut in recent weeks has reached Papua Representative Office in the City of Oxford UK. This condition can be the capital of a political struggle Benny Wenda and his friends and sympathizers to attract international support for Papuan independence perjuangam.
According to the International Relations Studies Program Lecturer PHYSICAL Uncen Jayapura that, if left unchecked and covered up the facts and the truth of human rights violations in Tingginambut, then the government is not directly involved in speeding up the process of Papuan independence.

  The case of South Sudan region of Sudan State in 2011 is almost the same as in the case Tingginambut, there are facts and data about pelangagran human rights in South Sudan, but the Sudanese government has never admitted it. This condition is similar to the current situation in Tingginambut, so if there responsibility to protect the United States or Australia on humanitarian grounds, it certainly Papua will be brought to a referendum.
   “In my opinion if the case is not resolved soon Tingginambut the referendum a matter of time occurred in Papua,” he told Bintang Papua at his residence on Wednesday (29/5).
  To that end, the solution that the people’s representatives in the legislature should call Police Chief, Commander and presenting Tingginambut violence victims to sit down with clear-right-clicking of human rights violations that occurred in Tingginambut. Then form a joint investigation team to go straight to the field in order to obtain data comparable. Because if the investigation is done unilaterally, then the results are not valid and impressed siding.
  For him, human rights violation cases Tingginambut included in the extraordinary crime as indicated conducted in a structured and systematic, well done to the people of the military / police and vice versa. Hence the need to set up a joint investigation team to finish pelangagaran human rights so as not to be a foreign commodities to speed up the release of Papua from the Homeland.
  Next, the local political elite who dragged TPN-OPM involved in their political interests in the General Election and Puncak Puncak Jaya to be responsible with all the violence and intimidation experienced by people in Tingginambut today (Wednesday, 29/5). Political elites do not make TPN-OPM as a means of pressure and intimidation tool against political opponents because this situation will be a wild ball of political violence that resulted in the loss of life in all societies, including the security forces casualties as well.
“I heard the TPN-OPM’s tired of the violent struggle in the forests because it’s time for a dialogue to be opened between the government and the TPN-OPM per sector within the jurisdiction of the TPN-OPM leadership of each,” he concluded.

Commander Denies
Meanwhile the Deputy Speaker of the House statement related to Papua Yunus Wonda according to reports from the public that there are 5 Tingginambut Puncak Jaya residents reported missing, denied by the military commander Maj. Christian Zebua Cenderawasih XVII. It only issues that deliberately exhaled by certain parties irresponsible.
“There was no citizen Tingginambut lost, we’ve sent an investigation team to respond to the issues and until now the issue is not true,” said Commander, Wednesday, May 29.
Commander said he guarantees its agents in the field will not disturb residents in Tinginambut no exception. “I guarantee people will not be disturbed, warrior task it to protect the citizens,” he said.
According to the Commander, accusations of torture is accompanied raids even after shooting 8 disappearance citizen soldiers, only certain issues which cast groups who want to destabilize the situation. “It was just a rumor that issue or thrown to discredit the security forces,” he explained.
About DPRP demand to withdraw troops from Tingginambut which is known as the head of Goliath Tabuni OPM headquarters, military commander claims he has not heard. “I have not heard that request,” for short. (Nls/jir/don/l03)


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