Supercell Brings Former EA EVP, Playfish Co-Founder Kristian Segerstrale Onto The Board


Supercell, the iOS gaming company that raked in $179 million in the first quarter of this year with just 100 employees, is pulling a social gaming veteran onto its board.

Kristian Segerstrale, who sold Playfish to EA for more than $300 million and eventually became its executive vice president of digital, is joining Supercell’s board. It’s not a surprise since he was one of the Supercell’s very first investors through a firm he started called Initial Capital.

“Supercell is incredibly ambitious,” he said. “They are so super thoughtful about how to genuinely how create the most successful gaming company for the next several decades. That’s an incredibly enticing opportunity.”

Segerstrale and Supercell’s CEO Ilkka Paananen go way back — like more than 10 years. Both are gaming veterans, with Paananen starting and then selling Sumea to Digital Chocolate and Segerstrale co-founding Macrospace, which later became Glu Mobile through a…

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