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Questionable, Special Autonomy Law Basics Plus

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GambarTaha: Pardon Prisoners / Merdeka Papuan political prisoners not Have Initiated by True

Taha AlhamidJAYAPURA-Plus Special Autonomy that carried the Governor and Deputy Governor of Papua Luke Enembe and Klemen Tinal (LUKMEN), among others, granting clemency from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to about 40-50 Prisoners-independence Papuan political prisoners are still undergoing legal in a number of prisons in the country Water scathing criticism of Secretary General of the Papua Presidium Council / PDP Taha Alhamid when Bintang Papua confirmed via email on Wednesday (29/5) night.
It is said Taha Alhamid, prevailing Autonomy in Papua since 2001, is the asymmetric decentralization based on Law No. 21 of 2001. As mandated in the Act itself, any changes must be made upon the recommendation of the Papuan people through the MRP and the DPRP.

“Well, if there is now a label Autonomy Plus, we question the legal basis for the policy, what? Law…

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