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PEAK JAYA, Voice-To date, 5 citizens removed by the authorities. 2 of them are junior high school students and high school students. The report was delivered directly to the Tiginambut Papuans in Papua Province deputy chairman of parliament, Yunus Wonda (Papua Pos, Comments Yunus Wonda). the same thing was reported by PW on us, via his cell. according to PW, they are releasing the names of the victims who in detail.

According to PW, the situation in Puncak Jaya, especially in Tiginambut very tense for local residents. Residents can no longer perform activities as usual. people are very scared and panicked, because every citizen is seen longish hair and other suspected then conducted the interrogation. according to PW, residents in substandard Tiginambut his Indonesian language, so as, with the wrong language, it is used as an opportunity to do intimidation of local residents. when asked, such as what form of intimidation perpetrated by, PW explained, at gunpoint, then shot with his boots, and struck by the weapon pantatas. and it is done repeatedly.

Access related media, PW explain, All media, both local media, national and international banned from Tiginambut. The area was isolated, so that no media dared to write the facts in Tiginambut. Given these circumstances, the importance of the key reports of the situation that occurred in the glorious peak.

Until now, the situation is very tense in Tiginambut rumored. Officials continue to Suiping. Many people who do not perform their usual activities.

Dealing with such situations, and as Commander Yunus Wonda denied claims related to the loss of 5 Citizens, then Yunus Wonda give law to the parties, NGOs, and the Church to form a joint investigation team to make sure the truth tuk Tiginambut events, Puncak Jaya.

While, in the statement of Paradise Commander, Maj. Gen. Christian Zebua, Thursday, 30 Mey, 2013, at the Papua Pos, “The issue that’s not true. I’ve also sent an investigation team and until now there was no clear information.”
Vice chairman of the Papuan Provincial Parliament, Yunus Wonda still holding on to report Tiginambut society. Yunus believes that what is reported to the community is the right thing, so important to do further investigation. 5 Residents who removed it, before they were detained officers, then tortured and taken. (Mago / Ramelau)


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