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Jayapura, 24/5 (Jubi) – tekait what happened to Puncak Jaya regency, Papua, from April to May, Markus Haluk, Human Rights Activist in Jayapura, assessing the safety of government through democratic silence, the sound of freedom of the people of Puncak Jaya. Top of the people are not free to move from village to village, from village to village, from village to village.

“Puncak Jaya silenced. Truth in silence. Dipacung freedom, “said Markus Haluk to in Jayapura on Friday (24/5). Pemacungan freedom through security activity in Puncak Jaya. “Security is doing intimidation, arrests, extrajudicial killings,” he said. Action was clearly disturbing psychology society.

Mark said, could not be claimed when the incident occurred since until when. Mark only ensure some time there sound silencing citizens who inhabit Puncak Jaya. Information arbitrary action it is difficult to know outsiders. According to Mark, the security forces to silence the voice of truth.

“People can not bring cameras into the Puncak Jaya,” he said. Mark admitted, obtain the infomasi of Puncak Jaya residents. “I just got laparoran that silencing events are happening,” he said.

Mark reluctant to ascertain the number of casualties, arrests, torture and killing of Puncak Jaya. “I do not want to confirm the number of casualties but no situation was there,” he said again.

Earlier, the West Papua National Committee, in a press release on 24 May, to make sure the number of victims of violence. “Since April 1, to this day victims of 41 people. 11 of the 41 families that have been found in a state of bernyawan. Furthermore, 30 people kebenaradaannya unclear, “said Wim Medalama, KNPB spokesman Center.

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