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Why the Indonesian occupation of West Papua constitutes genocide

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(Image: Indonesian Soldiers hold up the body of the local OPM leader they just killed)

Papuans have endured horrific violence since Indonesia first invaded in 1963, and West Papua continues to be a modern example of genocide.

Amnesty International and most other human rights organizations agree that at least 100,000 Papuans (one sixth of the total population) have been killed during the occupation. The true figure is likely to be even higher, with thousands having “disappeared” or starved to death from forced relocation to inhospitable areas. It’s almost impossible to document the exact number of victims, since academics, human-rights defenders and journalists are targets themselves of intimidation, torture and murder.

Popular civic and cultural leaders are also strategically assassinated in order to wipe out the Papuan culture as well as the people. Throughout most of the occupation, simply raising the Papuan flag has been punishable by death.

In June 2004…

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