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NOT going to get enough to remind us that despite our concern for the bad luck that befell across any nation, we have a problem in this country alone. Papua is a homework issue that demands our attention in order to solve it properly.
The last days of this, our concern for our area is increasing as various violent intimidation, murder in plain sight and secretly are repeated there. In Papua, ammunition Indonesian National Army (TNI) reportedly attempted murder and forced hit Papuans. Efforts intimidation and murder was unknown, causing a shootout between the two sides. But as a result, people become victims or shot dead.
That actually happened was violent episodes continue to do. Defence Force last Indonesi TNI, POLICE, etc. hostage a member of INTEL, who was off-duty and hanging out with his family.
THIS issue is really happening before our eyes and demand the attention and responsibility all of us to get it done.
Free West Papua Now …! — dengan Natanael Lobato.


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