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Warning KRP III: In Sentani 5 People Secured In Manokwari 4 ‘BK’ Deprived

Warning KRP III: In Sentani 5 People Secured In Manokwari 4 ‘BK’ Deprived

Papuans mass incorporated in West Papua National Authority (WPNA) during a demonstration in Manokwari Friday (19/10) yesterday, there are several of them wore Kejora.SENTANI star-worship convening Plan KRP thanks for the warning (Papuan People’s Congress) III in Field Theys Eluay, Sentani, Friday (19/10) failed to take place. Although canceled implemented, officers had secured 5 people suspected of carrying a secret document, sharp weapons and KTA (Membership Card). They are, CD, YY, MK, HY and YK. Where is the fifth person is secured in Sentani City Police. While in Manokwari 4 Morning Star flag (BK) successfully seized the apparatus of mass protests to condemn and demand an investigation of human rights violations in Papua, as well as commemorate the KRP III. Failure of warning in Sentani because at some point in a sweep by Jayapura Police ranks Jayapura, Papua Brimobda OLC backed up. Jayapura Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Anthony Wantri Julianto said the plan this activity, it lowers one company personnel assisted three platoons of personnel from Papua Brimobda. “Personnel is to maintain security and to ensure the public in order to carry out its activities smoothly and no interference,” he added. He mentioned, in order to perform security guard, was placed on the 7-point personnel from the village of Good Hope to the West Sentani. “From the Papua Police did not issue a receipt notice (STTP), which means the event (Warning KRP III-Red) may not take place,” he told reporters on Friday afternoon (19/10) when encountered on patrol in Sentani Airport Entrance. Describing, it began on guard around 07.00 CET on some points that are considered vulnerable. While sweeping carried out aiming to minimize the things that are considered to disrupt security. Added, given that the administration does not have a lot of party organizers gratefully worship, then if still insist practicing gratitude will be dissolved. From the observation Bintang Papua on the ground, at about 09:30 CEST, two trucks containing the recluse (Papua Guard) who drove from the direction toward Sentani Doyo asked to go back and go to Field forbidden Theys Eluay Sentani when he reached the junction Genyem-Doyo- Sentani. Not only that, the police were also on guard against any sweeping four-wheeled vehicles that pass, both public and private vehicles. As a result, the riders who did not complete paperwork such as not using helmets, mirrors also received an oral reprimand. Even some who eventually arrested the bike. While Sentani town and surrounding conditions remain conducive as usual. Nothing has changed, it’s just that at some point such as a fork-Doyo Genyem-Sentani, Sentani airport of entry and in the village of Hope placed members of the Police and Brimobda Papua Jayapura. Manokwari Hundreds rally Papuans, incorporated in West Papua National Authority (WPNA), Friday (19/10) yesterday, a riot almost happened. Rally to condemn and demand an investigation of human rights violations in Papua, as well as commemorate the birthday of the nation’s declaration of political rights in West Papua, was a minor incident. Some resort Manokwari police, who escorted the course of the protests, had robbed four Morning Star flag, from the hands of the demonstrators. BK flag deprivation occurred in Jalan Yos Sudarso. Initially the protests were peaceful. Around hundreds of native papua, gathered in Side GOR Sanggeng Manokwari. Carrying a variety of attributes that contains criticism on a number of human rights violations in the country, but they are also urged to Government of Indonesia, to immediately provide independence and separated from the Republic of Indonesia. About a dozen police officers from Manokwari and assisted by dozens of soldiers from Company C Manokwari Brigade, continues to escort since the end of the road Heroes to Elim Church Kwawi. The protest march by the long, could disrupt the activities of road users. As a result, a number of roads were impassable by the protesters to be jammed. Police eventually divert traffic to alternative roads to avoid congestion. Some place of business through which the demonstrators were forced to temporarily diututup by their owners. At the intersection of Red Light Sanggeng, precisely at Jalan Jalan Heroes and Yosudarso, a period of GOR Sanggeng met during the Group of Papuan Students. Congestion on the roads is also inevitable. After a while, the convoy was terhentikarena kemacaten period. But finally running normally, after police had to intervene to facilitate the flow of traffic. Since the beginning of the demonstration, the police continue to guard against the course of action. City police chief, AKP Monang Pasaribu, SH confessed, the police will make arrests against those who tried to fly the Morning Star flag. Suasan future rate moves up in front of Bank BRI, began to look hot. Some protesters, trying to raise the Morning Star flag which they had prepared. Police are escorted from the back straight into the ranks. A total of 4 pieces of the Morning Star flag, finally secured the apparatus. Although deprivation was successful, but the action was criticized by the protesters. The commotion ensued. Emotions can not be avoided. Had raw thrust between protesters and security forces. Conditions began to subside after each restraint. In this action the flag seizure, the police did not secure the perpetrators. Heat the atmosphere keeps going up in Swissbel Hotel. Escort rally was also tightened. Sesjumlah apparatus with organic weapons, hold together with the protesters to the finish in Kwawi Elim Church. In these places, they prayed together and dispersed peacefully. (Dee/sera/don/l03)


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